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Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Business Communications

Business Communications encompasses a wide variety of communication applications.

Eric Wylie is experienced in the areas of:

Eric spent 9 years as a business communicator for MCI Communications (later WorldCom, now Verizon Business). Following his time at MCI, has Eric consulted for other national organizations such as the Capital One credit card and bank business lines, National City Bank (now a part of PNC Bank) and a global residential security business.

Throughout these experiences, Eric worked on nearly every imaginable type of communications project and continually stretched and strengthened his skills -- something that continues in his work today.

Many executives and business owners have learned that in addition to message creation and distribution, professional communicators are also keen business advisors. Many clients over the years have pointed to Eric's "observer's perspective" and entrepreneurial experience that provides guidance not only with messaging and targeting, but also for the creation of new products and services. Many times, simply looking at a business situation with Eric's fresh perspective can help open up new possibilities and avoid pitfalls.

With years of experience in employee/internal communications, communications process development and external marketing, Eric has been a key member of several business teams and has become a trusted communications partner of several young businesses.

Whether you are a Fortune 100 company or one person just starting a business, Eric Wylie is available to assist you with the experience, perspective and support you need to help realize your goals.