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Terms of Service, Use & Conditions

Please Note: Overall, the goal in offering the services provided by Wylie Creative Communications, LLC is to provide expertise in the area of communications and make life a little easier for producers and business owners by providing quality work at an affordable price. To the best of the owner's ability, reasonable assistance will be granted to clients without unnecessary billing. However, "time is money," and clients will be billed for services rendered.

By submitting a script or requesting any service(s) in any form, using any method, from Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, the requestor (user) agrees to abide by the following Terms of Service/Use & Conditions:

  1. Client/purchaser acknowledges that he or she has read and agrees to the rates for services as posted at the Web site:
  2. Voiceovers: Client/purchaser is submitting a script free from errors. Reasonable accommodations will be made for typographical errors in copy, but scripts needing to be re-recorded due to errors in the script will be charged as if a new production is being submitted (please double-check your script before sending it).
  3. Voicovers: Reasonable accommodation will be made if certain styles of voice or production elements are not to the client's liking. Again, time is money, and if necessary details were not included in the original instructions, additional charges may apply. For larger jobs, partial payment may be requested before work begins.
  4. Voiceovers: Rates quoted for broadcast and cablecast voice projects are for single markets only. If scripts are to be used in multiple markets, client agrees to disclose this fact to Wylie Creative Communications, LLC. Additional charges may apply for productions used in multiple markets.
  5. In the unlikely event an agreement cannot be reached between the client and Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, productions deemed unacceptable for use by the client may not be used in any form, including being broadcast or publicly or privately used in any way. Client will be liable for all payments due to Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, for the Services rendered.
  6. Under the music license purchased by Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, music cannot be resold as single elements. Music will only be included in final, mixed productions.
  7. Client/purchaser understands that there is a direct relationship between the success of the final production and the details provided to Wylie Creative Communications, LLC to create that production.
  8. Wylie Creative Communications, LLC reserves the right to use any production, in whole or in part, as a demonstration piece for Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, and use the name and/or logo or other identifying mark of the client company as part of a description of clients who have used our services. However, a production that contains information proprietary to the client, such as information intended only for the internal use of the client company, that they themselves would not make public, would not be used in a demonstration. Additionally, Wylie Creative Communications, LLC would not use information in a demo prior to public release of the client's first use, but would do so after public release had been made.
  9. Client/purchaser agrees that it will not hold liable or take legal action against Eric Wylie, Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, Eric Wylie Productions or the On Hold Web Store for any losses or injuries, no matter how remote, including but not limited to, lost income or projected lost income, all judgments, losses, payments, costs, expenses (including attorneys’ fees), damages, settlements, liabilities, fines, and penalties related to any production, document or advice this business produces and provides to client under any circumstances, including whether or not said services have been paid for by the Client. Client is responsible for all final approvals and agrees to review and provide final approval of all audio, video, Web content, scripts, writings, and any and all other Services provided by Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, before broadcasting or otherwise distributing or making use of any work created by any company of Wylie Creative Communications, LLC. Additionally, Client agrees that any materials (including, but not limited to text, images, logos, videos, music, recordings or any other intellectual property) provided to Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, for inclusion in a production or created work does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third party and that all material provided is cleared to be used within the Client's production.

  10. Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, will not be held liable in any manner for any mechanical, electrical or radio frequency issues, failures or other impairments involving equipment or location environment that may disrupt, interrupt or prevent recording, editing or electronic file handling, either at the premises of Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, or when working or recording on-site, at any site either owned or un-owned by the client or Wylie Creative Communications, LLC.

  11. Most physical products sold on our Web sites come with manufacturer's warranties. Manufacturers are fully liable for all products sold through our sites. Eric Wylie, Wylie Creative Communications, LLC and the On Hold Web Store do not make any additional or implied warranties on items sold, nor will we be responsible for defects in materials and workmanship, even if those products result in damage or injury. You agree that you are purchasing these products 'as-is' with no additional warranties or assurances from Eric Wylie, Wylie Creative Communications, LLC or the On Hold Web Store.
  12. Client Input = Project Success
    Any project on which we work together will be most successful if you can provide:
    - Questions regarding any aspect of the proposal or work being performed;
    - Comments and information that would be important to have in-hand at the beginning of the project (specific desired outcomes of the work being performed).
    - Electronic files or Web resources (links), including photos, logos, images, letters or other text, etc. that will speed creation of your materials and avoid costs vs. developing those items, performing research or recreating items.
    - Honest, consistent and timely feedback on the work performed.

  13. The parties involved in any engagement of work agree and understand that the information provided, if provided, in a proposal/estimate and the activities that will occur once production begins are subject to change during the course of implementing the project, as initiated by either party, including, but not limited to, changes in artistic or philosophical approach, techniques, equipment, location, cost or final product, due to a variety of factors that cannot be foreseen in any document. The parties involved in any engagement of work agree to a spirit of mutual respect and integrity toward the goal of creating the best possible result within the resources available. The person(s) engaging Wylie Creative Communications in any work affirm that they are representatives of the company/organization described and have the authority to enter into such an agreement, are mentally competent and of legal age, and agree to make all payments when due.

  14. The name of this business is Wylie Creative Communications, LLC. The business has also filed with the Iowa Secretary of State the fictitious names of Eric Wylie Productions and On Hold Web Store. When referencing any of those three company names or Eric Wylie as an individual, this Terms of Service document is referring to the LLC entity. This limited liability company was formed and registered in the State of Iowa and is governed by the laws of Iowa. Under Iowa law, Wylie Creative Communications, LLC is not required to collect Iowa Sales Tax for the services provided. However, Iowa Sales Tax is collected for physical items sold through the On Hold Web Store Web site to customers providing an Iowa shipping address. Additionally, tax is collected for the sale of physical items (such as CDs and DVDs) when used as the delivery medium for productions created by Wylie Creative Communications, LLC.
  15. Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, and, the On Hold Web Store, reserve the right to refuse service to any client for any reason, including, but not limited to, the subject matter of the production and/or the intended use of the production.

  16. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.