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Rates for Video Production, Web Site Development, Voiceover Recording & Communications Consulting

Many creative shops don't publish their rates. I'm not sure why. Smart business people like you understand that time, experience and equipment all have value, so I've provided my rates to help you with preliminary planning.

BUT, hourly rates don't give you the full picture. We need to have a conversation so that we can learn more about each other and decide if I can provide the best solution.

Please use the contact information below to share the details of your project and request an estimate.

Eric Wylie
Wylie Creative Communications

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PO BOX 10896 Cedar Rapids, IA 52410-0896

Providing the rates below does not constitute a quote, bid, estimate, or promise of any kind. Rates are subject to change.

per Minute
1 to 10 minutes $50 $200 minimum all scripts
Next 20 minutes $30 After the first 10 minutes, add $30 per finished minute
Next 30 minutes $25 Add after the first 30 minutes
60+ minutes $20 Add after the first 60 minutes

These rates are for work performed at Eric's studio. Or, in lieu of using Eric's studio, these rates remain the same to cover travel and time spent at nearby studios.

NOTE for all rates: When contractors are required for specialized skills, charges for contractor time will be billed plus any time required by Wylie Creative Communications to administer and supervise the work of contractors.

All time-based rates/services have a 1/2 hour minimum, except for Long Format Audio and work performed through the On Hold Web Store.

* * * Rates are subject to change at any time. * * *

By submitting a script or requesting any service(s) in any form, using any method, from Wylie Creative Communications, LLC, the requestor (user) agrees to abide by the Terms of Service/Use & Conditions.